Tuesday, 5 October 2010

We're off!

It's all finally happening. Tug Harry has gone into the workbay here at Streethay and repair work has begun. And now the flag has dropped the accelerator has been floored and everything is happening at high speed.
On day one the fire twisted side panel was repaired. What looked an ugly kink sprung back straight after just a single cut with the grinder - it's remarkable all the tension that hides in such seemingly placid lengths of steel.
Next day our talented fabricator Mark began re-fitting the recessed cabinside panels – despite the suggestion from a few observers that we could have left the spaces as big picture windows. Well maybe but Everest double glazed tugs aren't very traditional.
And after the side panels went in the roof came out. Mark welded in some cross braces to hold the shell in shape then applied the cutting torch to the fire twisted front third of the roof and soon Harry was a convertible.
Meanwhile we've been working away in the engine room. I've relocated the tanks and pump from the rear to the forward bulkhead, making access to the non-corridor side of the engine much easier and got part way through re-plumbing. But Vicky has made the real difference. She's cleaned and re-painted the smoke stained walls and has been meticulously cleaning and re-painting the engine in the correct shade of Lister Mid Brunswick Green. It's half done now and already looks cracking.
There's plenty more to do (understatement of the decade??) but now work has begun we've both cheered up and can see a dim pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel ahead.

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Anonymous said...

You are both absolutely astonishing, a real inspiration.