Monday, 18 October 2010

History in a hinge

Way back in 1790 a certain Mr Gold started a firm in Birmingham making hinges. It was quite successful. More successful than Mr Gold was at gambling. And to pay off a particularly heavy gambling debt he gave away his company.
And the descendants of the person he gave it to still run it. In Tamworth, just down the road from Streethay. As we discovered when we went in pursuit of new hinges for Harry's doors.
Gold & Wassall ia a wonderful place, full of clattering machines stamping out every conceivable sort of hinge. Crowded with boxes of finished ones. Hinges that you never knew existed. Hinges so curious looking it's hard to imagine how they work. Hinges so heavy you can hardly hold them and so delicate you admire their fineness. Bespoke hinges - like our 30 withe their phosphor bronze pins - or standard ones by the hundred and thousand.
So if you want a hinge you know where to look.

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Dave Winter said...

It is amazing when you see something like that.
I had to go to Walthamstow to a spring manufacturer in a previous job and was fasinated how fast they were made and some so delicate they would blow away in a slight breeze.