Monday, 18 October 2010

The work goes on

Tug decks are nice to sleep under but nasty to work under, as I discovered when hauling out all the old burnt rubbish and Mark has now discovered too. He's been cramped up in the bow welding in a new gas locker bulkhead and looking less comfortable than a Chilean miner.
Meanwhile we've been taking a fresh look at the state of the exterior of the boat. The original plan was to have it grit blasted but looking at the amount of new steel we've put in and the condition of the rest of the boat, well we've had second thoughts.
A grit blast would cost around £3000, allowing for the craning and transport to the blaster. That buys a lot of wet and dry paper. So we're going to do it the hard way but the cheap way. And as you can see, Vicky has already started...

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