Monday, 18 October 2010

Eyes right

We've been on land for a few days so I can have my second cataract operation. The first was eye opening -literally. When the eye patch came off I was staggered at how bright the world was, how vivid the colours, how far I could see.
The second one could never match that impact but even so it's pretty good to have two decent eyes to look through. And a side benefit is that I'm not allowed to do any heavy work for a month so it's been feet-up, daytime tv, dvds and Lee Child books for me!
It's a curious operation is the cataract one - scary to contemplate but actually very similar to going to the dentist. In fact it's quicker than having a filling. And even less painful.
After a few preliminary eye drops to dilate your pupil, you walk into the operating theatre fully clothed, lie on the table, have a protective sheet put over your face, a few more drops to numb the eye then "keep staring at the microscope light please" and off we go. You see nothing except a bright light. You feel nothing. At all.
And believe me, there is no temptation to move your eye or your head!
Ten minutes later it's done. A protective eye pad is put over the eye and you can stroll off. Well, actually you have to hang around for a while to check all is well before heading home.
Next day the eyepatch comes off and the new sharper, brighter world gradually comes into view.

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Heth said...

No watching Jeremy Kyle allowed tho, could ruin your eyesight forever lol