Saturday, 11 September 2010

Senior spottie?

In my new occasional role as semi-skilled senior (as in years) Streethay spottie I hauled an engine out yesterday. Well, not exactly out, to be fair. It's still sitting in the boat but I undid all the connections ready for the haul-out today.
All I can say after that is thank god I've got an engine room to work in on our own boat. Hunched up double in the engine hole trying to undo the engine mounts left me with knotted muscles that took some hours to untangle themselves. I'm glad I've got a simple old diesel to take apart too: no fiddly Morse controls, electrics and flexible driveline couplings to figure out.
But it's all done and I've notched up another skill. But taking apart is a whole lot easier than putting back together -- I'll be leaving that job to the professionals.

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