Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lost - one tooth

I lost a tooth yesterday - twice.

I came back to Streethay after a few days' grandparent duties in London nursing a howling toothache and a dental appointment two days' away.
A pleading - change that to begging - phone call changed that to two hours' time. This time the dentist did manage to numb it which I thought was good news. It wasn't. Turns out the tooth was terminally ill - cracked in two and not savable. It had to come out.
And ten minutes later there it was - gone. I'll spare you the details though you ought to know that it was a bit uncomfortable but certainly not painful.
Anyway I thought I'd take it home as a gory souvenir but when I got back to the boat the tooth and the little envelope it was in were gone. I'd parked in the Tesco carpark next door to the dentist (sorry Mr T) to make a call and all I can think is I pulled it out of my pocket with my phone and it fell on the ground.
I wonder if someone picked up the little white envelope thinking it had something good in it?
Bet they got a surprise!
I wonder if they handed it in to the police station?!

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