Tuesday, 24 August 2010


In the same Tesco carpark where I lost my tooth the other day Starwoman found a £20 note! It was lying on the ground with a Tesco receipt.
After the "woo hoo, twenty quid!" reaction we had a brief pang not so much of guilt but of sympathy for the loser who maybe could ill afford to be without the cash. But there wouldn't have been any point in handing it in - or would there? Should we have given it to the police or to Tesco customer service?
I don't think so: I'm pretty honest about this sort of thing - I saw someone drop a twenty once and ran after them to give it back. If I found a wallet I'd hand it in. But an unidentifiable note; no. On the other hand, if it had been a wad of twenties what would I have done? I honestly don't know. Probably kept it and reckoned that if the person was that casual with their cash they could afford to lose it.


Nev Wells said...

I say pay it forward and put it in a charity tin.... you get clear conscience and a charity get a little boost. I'd like to think if I lost the same it would be used in such a way.

Take care


Nick said...

I totaly agree with Nev, I found £20 once and gave it to the RNLI, good karma!!

John Sloan said...

I agree with Nev charity box!! Maybe at present even Pakistani Rekief

Wozie said...

It was obviously left there by the tooth fairy!
nb Oakfield

Davidss said...

If the Tesco receipt showed Clubcard points earned on the purchase then Tesco's could probably identify the purchaser. They probably wouldn't do it for you, or the Clubcard owner, but if a murder had been committed ....
Unfortunately you can't positively associate the money with the receipt, as they were (apparently) just found together in a suggestive way.
Most people, however hard up, would probably just write the loss off, and not go back to the Customer Service desk asking if anyone has handed it in, so 'Charity' does seem the most reasonable way out.
But I won't influence your choice of charity.

It can be fun though, seeing the reaction when you point out someone has undercharged you, or given way too much change. I take the view that I get a laugh, and it has cost me no more than if I'd paid the correct price in the first place.

Thanks for running the blog. I did try once and decided there were to many hostages to fortune being created :-)

DAVID said...

Lots of good advice but they all miss the point....the dosh is yours. Its from the Tooth Fairy.