Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bombing raid

The triumph of Tardebigge was overshadowed yesterday when we were bombed with stones by a gang of children who were standing on a high bridge over the canal on the edge of Birmingham. (Bridge 70 - the one immediately north of Wasts Hill Tunnel.)
We suspected they were up to something by their antics and giggling as we approached and though we tried to defuse things with the familiar boaters' p.r. stuff - waving, calling hello etc etc, a fusillade of stones (some as big as golf balls) showered down as we went under the bridge.
Even shouting out that we had a dog on the roof didn't stop them.
They ran off when we pointed a camera at them but were too far above for any meaningful photos anyway.
Later on we were even more annoyed when we discovered the extent of the damage - a half dozen bad stone chips, right down to the metal, all around the boat. But at least it wasn't a stone on the head for us or Brian.
I'll try to be charitable and say they were little kids, probably 9 - 10 years old, and being silly rather than malicious oiks. But somebody should be telling them that silly tricks like throwing stones can have serious consequences and that somebody is their parents. Who probably neither knew nor cared where they were.
Today's mischievous little kids will grow up to be tomorrow's brick throwing yobs unless their parents take some more responsibility.


martha, max and me said...

Little shits, I'd have disembarked and chased them up the top path weilding my own armfull if stones. Maybe get some ammo stored on the roof for any similar encounters! Really it's probably the fault of their teachers, art and drama teachers being especially to blame. Parents are blame free these days.

Captain Ahab said...

We had a similar scenario at the same spot in August. My strategy has been to get off the boat in advance and shepherd the boat through. They are not so brave when you are right there among them - plus a camera!