Saturday, 21 August 2010

Crazy paving

A concrete slab weighs about 80 - 90lbs. And over the past week or so we've moved about 70 of them. Several times.
The slabs are the ballast in project tug Harry. And they were all filthy with soot and dirt from the fire that gutted it. So first we had to clear them out from under the tug deck, stack them further down the boat, scrape out and jetwash that area, jetwash off the slabs, move them back and re-lay them.
Then we had to progressively work our way through the boat doing the same thing. But you can get slabs up faster than you can clean and prepare the area to re-lay them so we soon had slabs everywhere. Those building up at the back were in the way of clearing that end so they had to be moved to the front – then moved back to the back to be laid. And so it went on.
We left the boat tonight with just three rows of slabs left to lay - 18 slabs and then we'll be finished. Trouble is I think we'll be walking bent double for several weeks.

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