Tuesday, 10 August 2010


After the delights of cruising the ecstasy has turned to agony. Big time. We've been at Streethay Wharf for the past few days checking on the status of our project tug Harry. This is being cleaned out by the yard's 'spotties' as owner Ray so delightfully terms his general labourers prior to the fire-damaged steelwork being repaired.
It's a horrible job -- as we soon discovered when we joined in to give a hand (and save ourselves some money!). All the ballast has to be shifted and the semi-melted sprayfoam scraped off before work can begin.
We're tackling it in a couple of stages - moving the ballast to the rear and cleaning up the front, then relaying the front ballast and doing the same at the back. Snag One is that the ballast is back-breakingly heavy concrete slabs either 24 x 18 ins or - worse - 24 x 24 ins. And snag two is that the sprayfoam is an abolute b*g*er to shift. We've been at it two two days solid now and are knackered.Last time I did such a horrible job was digging out the front room floors of our last project house and that was seven years ago. I swore then I'd never do something so heavy and horrible again. And here we are, at it again."But we're having fun" says Vicky. And as you can see in the photo, she is.

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