Monday, 10 January 2011

Today's plan is...

We should have learned by now. We've done up a few houses in our time and fitted many a kitchen but never yet have we had one of those perfect spaces you find in DIY manuals or kitchen planning guides.
You know the sort. A window to put the sink under, a drain in the right place, a door over the other side, a neat rectangular shape. No, ours have always had odd shapes, awkward corners, deep windows, doors where they aren't wanted and so on.
And it's the same with Harry. I've read all the books, walked through many boats and could lay out a typical 57ft boat with my eyes shut. So why have I chosen a 54ft tug with a cabin just 20 feet long into which I have to fit saloon, galley and bathroom. Worse, all the portholes and hatches are exactly where they don't want to be.
Yes, it looks delightfully symmetrical on the outside but inside I find myself thinking about whether I dare have a porthole in the shower. Or where to put the damned calorifier.
Which is why we've been filling page after squared page with drawings and doodles trying to find a way to squeeze a quart into our pint pot. Well, even a pint and a half would do.
I think that, finally, we might be there. At least until tomorrow. So now it's time to plan the wiring and understand the mysteries of voltdrop. And think of a way to get four feet wide sheets of ply through two feet deep doors!

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