Monday, 10 January 2011

Brian goes bonkers

Was it the glimpse of sunshine? Or the disappearance of the ice? Or the change back to IAMS from Lidl dogfood? Or his new Christmas toy? Whatever the reason Brian has been behaving like an ADHD child who has flushed his Ritalin down the loo.
Ignore him just for a couple of minutes and he grabs his toy and starts growling and bashing it at you. And won't stop until you play tug with him. Which, as anyone who owns a terrier will know, is a game that never ends for a terrier never lets go. Even if he is hanging suspended from it by his teeth.
This is Brian's toy - a Christmas present from his two legged puppy pal, our grand-daughter Martha. She chose it herself. The knot-tying cognoscenti among you will spot that this toy giraffe is made with a neat bit of knot-tying - crown knots I think - which makes it particularly appropriate for a boat dog.
Quite what he's up to we can only guess. He doesn't want a walk - he's had enough to tire us out the last couple of days. He's not secretly scoffing Haribo either.We think he just doesn't like being ignored while we're trying to plan out the interior of Harry.
"Stop looking at the laptop Ma and Pa and pay some attention to me."

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