Monday, 31 January 2011

Stuck in the nineties

Occasionally I contemplate changing my mobile phone. Usually after having a demonstration of someone's iPhone or - this week - an Android. Whatever that is.
And that's the trouble. I thought an android was a robot in human guise but apparently it's a phone. Or rather an operating system. Whatever that is.
Anyway I got rather more actively engaged in changing my phone this time when my trusty old sellotaped together Nokia 6310i finally died after being dropped on its head. So I started trolling around the internet trying to get to grips with phones. O2 - my service provider - were only too happy provide me with any number of phones and plans. So many that I was soon completely baffled. Should I have a free Nokia 63008 or pay £25.50 and get a Samsung XYZ Rio? I read the reviews and got even more baffled.
So in the end I did what I always do. Dug around in a drawer and pulled out another old timer - a Sony Ericsson which I gave up using because it was too complicated for me.
When it comes to phones I truly am stuck in the nineties. I wish I wasn't. Our friend Ian on Nb Nobby was telling me about his new LG Optimus which lets him make calls at the same time as linking his computer to the internet (I think) and telling him where he is by GPS. I'm envious. I think. But when I tried to read up about the phone I soon felt my brain start to ache. I wonder what a Nokia 6310i costs on Ebay?

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Loads of them on e bay

I have two and I don't intend to part with them, battery charge lasts for ever.