Monday, 31 January 2011

Three long weeks

Yes, three long weeks since I last posted. If any of you are still bothering to look then apologies that you've been having some wasted 'clicking'.
It's not that nothing's been happening. More that the rate of progress has been snail like. And I've been embarrassed to admit as much. I read other 'build blogs' and boats seem to grow like leylandii hedges in a flurry of photos and diary entries like "today I put in the wiring for the electronic CanBus control modules" or "we built the galley and after lunch began on the hand-made oak bed".
I wish. My work is more akin to high altitude climbing - one agonising step, a long pause, then another, long pause, small step, pause, slip and slide back. Etc, etc.
Even the smallest things demand a back-to-basics learning process. Where to run the wiring - and how to stop it all falling in a heap on the floor as it hangs in fresh air below the gunwales. Fitting the hullside linings with endless drilling through steel bearers for self tapping screws. And today, lining up the cabinside ply lining sheets and marking the position of the portholes so I can cut matching holes in the ply. (Given my skill with measuring and cutting...well put it this way, I ordered an extra sheet of ply just in case.)
Plus of course endlessly moving all those tools and bits of wood around the inside to get them out of the way!
So where have we got to then? Well the floor is down. The hull sides are lined in 18mm WBP ply which will eventually be covered with 4mm oak veneered ply. The under deck sides are lined too with two layers of 6mm ply to accommodate the curved shape.
The wiring is basically done, though there are still plenty of danging loose ends to be dealt with and the cabinsides in 9mm birch ply (probably also to be covered in oak veneer) are going on now.
Doesn't sound much, does it, but it's kept me more than busy.

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Anonymous said...

Well I've missed you greatly, your progress seems very good to me. Make sure you test your wiring before you finish covering it in.................ok I will get my coat.