Sunday, 20 March 2011

Taking a look

I took a look today. Rather too close a look at the inside of a canal. Yep, I fell in. It was a falling in of truly comedic proportions – if only someone had seen it happen. We were mooring. I was slipping the mooring chain into the armco at the canal edge. I leaned over to grab the bottom loop of the chain. Leaned a little more so I could see it. And slowly toppled in. Splash! I don't know quite how. It was before lunch; I wasn't drunk. I think the ground maybe just gave way slightly under my foot.
Anyway, in I went in a slow motion arc; right under. I hauled myself out, laughing too much to feel shaken and revealed my dripping form to Starwoman and Stardaughter. The latter offered assistance. The former merely burst out laughing. The falling in score is now 3-0 between her and me.
It was an entertaining end to a very enjoyable little trip. We just pottered down from Streethay and moored outside Alvecote Marina. A pint and a watch of the England v Ireland rugby (what a disaster!) turned into a very enjoyable meal.

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David O said...

No excuses....I reckon it was Brian who gave you a nudge to make up for the torment of having to wear all those silly hats and coats that Starwoman knitted. Power to the little chap....good one!I hope he got well fed at lunchtime.