Friday, 11 March 2011

Can't see the trees for the wood

I did the last pre-installation top coat on the ceiling planks the other night by the light (and heat) of my 1000w work lights and while listening to Barcelona v Arsenal in the Champions League on Radio 5 Live.
Quite a game; a damned sight more entertaining and eventful than crawling around the boat trying to topcoat twenty 4.8 metre lengths of wood propped in precarious positions all around the interior so I could barely move.
Anyway, it's done now and I've started fitting them to the ceiling – another job that's easier said than done. Getting four metres of tongue to slide into four metres of groove is trickier than it seems, especially when the grooves are a bit jammed up with paint and the planks slightly twisted. (It only takes a couple of miillimetres of roof beam misalignment to twist a plank out of true.)
But we're getting there. Slowly.

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