Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The phone is dead, long live the phone

I finally braved Lichfield O2 shop and found a) no queue of Ladies Who Buy Mobiles and b) a very helpful female assistant.
Fifteen minutes later I was on my way with more monthly minutes and my perfect phone - at least given recent circumstances - the Samsung Solid Immerse. Guaranteed scratch, dust, drop AND water protected. It's IP67 certified and US Military Standard which sounds good even though I haven't a clue what they mean.
Anyway, it'll work under a metre of water and can stay submerged for up to half an hour. So given my predilection for taking unexpected dips in the cut, it should be just the phone for me.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Let us know when you have tested it:-)

David O said...

WOW....Captain Blick moves into the 21st century. Just need to add a snorkel and flippers and your fully equipped......may be even give running commentaries on weed clearing from prop underwater!

Captain Ahab said...

When you say it will work a meter under water, wont the words all sound a bit bubbly?