Friday, 17 December 2010

Window opens - and then closes

After a fortnight of looking like an ice rink the canal returned to water yesterday so Streethay asked me to bring a boat back from Fradley. (The big freeze has disrupted work schedules there badly with boats unable to reach the yard.)
Vicky dropped me there and I - optimistically - waved her off to go Christmas shopping. Big mistake. I walked up to the moorings to the boat and discovered that the ice, barely present at the start, was still two inches thick!
After an hour of ice breaking with the boat and smashing the ice with a three-inch fence post I'd moved precisely two boat lengths. Then the blizzard started and I gave up!
I headed off on the three miles home down the towpath. Ironically after half a mile the ice on the canal had disappeared. If we could have made the first few hundred yards in the boat I'd have got it back.
Looked out this morning to see the snow falling and the canal rapidly re-freezing. I think the window of opportunity for getting boats back to Streethay is closing fast.

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