Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mad granny runs amok with knitting needles

You've heard about these eccentric old dears who wheel their pet pooch around in a pram and then leave all their money to it in their will. Well here's Brian modelling the latest in 'mad granny knitwear for dogs' - a woolen bonnet* to go with his coat of many colours and help him cope with -16C temperatures outside. Not that he goes outside if he can possibly avoid it.
*Actually it's a woolly hat for grand-daughter Martha - I don't know if that makes it better or worse. Grand-daughter gets hat previously enjoyed by pet dog!


Sue said...

Stardog looks wonderful, I am sure you could make a good living knitting those for boating dogs at the moment!

Hope you all manage to get back home for Christmas, we all seem to be in the wrong place for our planned travels!

DAVID O said...

Judging from Brian's complaints of harsh treatment earlier in this cold spell, I would have thought a knitted Willy Warmer would have been the first priority.

Anonymous said...

Cute - love the bonnet!

What these dogs will put up with for love........

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nancy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha,
that has made me chuckle!
Mad granny ahoy