Monday, 20 December 2010

The white stuff

It's white outside and now it's white inside too. Snow has turned the outside world cold and white. Sprayfoam insulation has turned the inside of Harry white too. And hopefully warm.
It's not a nice job is sprayfoaming. Anything that involves wearing breathing apparatus and spraying noxious chemicals around is well worth avoiding as far as I'm concerned. Especially when the foam sticks like sh*t to a blanket to whatever it touches.
It's clever stuff though. Sticks to every surface and fills every gap. The big snag is that it's almost impossible to apply evenly (though our man Andy did his best). The result is that some spots are too thick and have to be laboriously cut back while others are too thin and will need later attention with the sprayfoam can. Fortunately that's Vicky's favourite toy.
But now the sprayfoam is done we can move ahead with laying the floor. The battens you can see in the photo are now screwed down on the steel bearers and the ply floor starts to go in tomorrow.
All we need to do then is put in the armchairs and the tele.
Well, almost all we need to do...


Captain Ahab said...

Hmm - feels warmer already Kevin.

Anonymous said...

You two are serious 'Stars'. I do hope that it all continues to go well and more importantly you are having fun. What happens when you are finished?