Saturday, 20 November 2010

So what's been happening?

Quite a lot. Despite the cold, damp, windy and decidedly horrible weather. Mark has kept bashing on with the welding - we now have an enlarged rear hatchway, welded-on mushroom vents, answer pins (shackles at the back of the boat) and decorative rings on the front bulkhead and lots more.
Vicky has been painting away to seal all the new metal up against the weather and finally I fitted the windows. Now that was a game. The portholes had all been removed before we got the boat. Innocently, I thought screwing them back on would be a doddle. BUT the six screw holes in each rim proved to be in slightly different positions. Sooo...matching a window to the existing screw holes meant offering up one of the nine existing windows to one of the seven surviving window holes (the other two had been re-cut on new steel) and then turning it through each of the six possible positions. Nine windows, seven holes, six positions on each. That's a lot of permutations - and some of them were frustratingly similar to each other.
But I got there in the end and then drilled and tapped the holes for the four windows that mount into new steelwork. Now the job's done and they look great - no pictures, though, until we're out of the work bay next week when we can reveal Harry in all its glory.

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