Sunday, 28 November 2010

Mercury falling

Minus 9 here last night. No wonder Brian was trying to get under the covers instead of sleeping on top of the bed. The canal is seriously frozen today. Yesterday a few ice breaking types crunched their way through. Today all was quiet except for ice skating ducks.
Eerie creaks and groans accompany my movements through the boat as it rocks against the embrace of the pinching ice sheet. I can't imagine what it must have been like to hear and feel real ice floes crushing your wooden hull as Shackleton and his crew experienced on Endurance in the Antarctic.
For my own endurance test I've finally donned my reserve fleece. So I waddle into Harry wearing tee shirt, long sleeved tee shirt, lightweight sports top, high neck fleece and finally zip neck fleece (fortunately an extra large purchase from the charity shop). Plus thermal long johns and my great new Heat Holders socks. And Thinsulate lined woolly hat. And 'magic gloves' from the local market. Another great buy - thin, loosely knitted that trap the warmth with the bonus of 'knobbly' grippy palms so you can wear them while working. (They don't like getting wet, though.)
Battening out is going steadily on Harry but this weather will cause a problem if it lasts. You can't sprayfoam insulate if the interior is either running with condensation or wreathed in ice!

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