Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The planning process

Having been put on light duties for a few weeks following my eye op I spent my time (well such time as wasn't spent watching dvds or surfing the web) trying to plan out the interior of Harry.
And discovering that planning out a narrowboat isn't as easy as it might seem. At least it's not if the living space is just 20 feet long. That's 20 feet in which to crowbar saloon, galley and bathroom. The bedroom goes under the tug deck of course.
Twenty feet wouldn't be so bad but all the damned windows seem to be in the wrong places! The bathroom portholes leave no obvious location for a shower. The galley hatches are in the wrong place and so are the ports.
Not that I'd want to change any of them - from the outside everything is elegantly symmetrical.
So on we went filling page after page of squared paper with floorplan variations. Each one seemed perfect when we closed the page and went to bed but I always woke up thinking of an irreconcilable problem. But now I think we may have got it - though I'm keeping it secret until we finally start the fitting out and discover if it really does work.

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