Friday, 10 July 2009

Stop The Spin

Walking down the High Street of Yelvertoft for a pint at the Knightley Arms it was clear that something was amiss - every other house sported 'Stop the East Midlands Wind Farm' posters.
And I don't blame them! Proposals are in train for no less than 54 wind turbines at six sites within an eight mile radius of Crick. The really sneaky thing is that these are all being submitted by separate developers to different councils which makes co-ordinated opposition hard. But they're trying see here
Yes, wind turbines have a certain 21st century elegance and, yes, we need to do something about renewable fuels but this is sleepy, picturesque Leicestershire and if I lived here I would be a NIMBY too.
Will they succeed in stopping the spin? What do you think? If they poll all the locals I'm sure 99 per cent wouldn't want them -- but my bet is that they'll go ahead anyway, such is my faith in local democracy.

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