Saturday, 4 July 2009

People who wear yellow hats

We'd overnighted at beautiful Fotheringhay (pictured) and, late in the evening, another nb moored nearby. "He's wearing a yellow cap, the wrong way round; what a cretin" murmured Vicky.
The next morning as we munched our healthy fruit & fibre, a smell of frying bacon wafted into the boat. "People who wear yellow hats probably eat bacon every breakfast" mused Vicky, taking a powerful bite out of her oats.
Final proof that this was not yellow hat prejudice but scientific fact came when we reached the first lock. Yellow Hat had clearly been the last boat through from the other direction - but instead of leaving the gate open (as instructed by a large sign) had laboriously wound it shut again. I say laboriously because it was one of the Nene's teedious handwheel operated types.
As was the next - again left down - and as were the next few, including another manual model. All of which we had to wind up, then down, then up again. Mr Yellow Hat, you are a fool!

PS Today is our wedding anniversary (Independence Day for America but etc etc... it's an old joke but I've trotted it out for 31 years now). We shall celebrate in style with a takeaway fish and chip supper in Thrapston. And maybe a Dr Pepper.

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