Monday, 13 July 2009

A licence to print money?

Farming doesn't pay (say the farmers) but if you own some farmland in Northamptonshire there do seem to be other cash spinning options available to keep up the Range Rover HP payments. Wind farms (see previous post) or, if you're beside a canal then dig a big hole, fill it with water, sit back and count the cash.
A mile or two beyond Crick Marina we watched the latest being dug. 'Yelvertoft Marina'
will be big clicky though not a giant like some of the other local newcomers. But 150 'births' (sic) at around £2000 a year is no small beer. Will the 'Royal Grand Union Canal' as the operators curiously call the Leicester Arm of the GU be able to take the extra traffic - who knows. Perhaps the fact that it is 'fairly unique because of its dimensions' will help.
Does one sense that the developers know more about calaculators than canals?

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