Thursday, 23 June 2011


We finally made it. Several weeks after we started promising ourselves we'd put Harry aside and go off cruising for the summer we finally did it.
We filled up with diesel, topped up the water, bought a new gas cylinder, said our cheerios and cast off at 11.30. Seven hours later and we're moored up in Tixall Wide near Great Haywood (an astonishingly busy Great Haywood and Tixall where we only just manged to squirm Star into the last remaining slot, barely a foot longer than the boat.)
Though it was mid-summer a brisk cold headwind had Vicky searching out her winter fur hat but the weather looks more promising as we near the weekend.
Remarkably, it's been a whole nine months since we arrived at Streethay to start the refurb of Harry. Naively we thought we'd be finished by now. Fat chance. In a way it felt strange leaving, we'd been there so long we felt part of the boatyard village. But we'll be back to carry on all too soon.
Meanwhile here's to a few weeks of relaxed cruising through the quiet countryside as we make our way up to Llangollen.
When we exit Tixall Wide tomorrow we'll be cruising in what is for us virgin territory and we're looking forward to it.


Adam said...

We wondered where Star was when we came through Strethay mid-afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Starfolk on the water again (at last) and off to waters new. Give the router a rest and the paint brushes time to dry and relax and enjoy the trip. All too soon you will be back and hard at it on Harry! Weather forecast sounds reasonable but I understand those winds will persist for most of the month ahead. Hope to pick you up somewhere on the journey but mean time I.O.W. is on our horizon