Sunday, 26 June 2011

Entering a lost world

Shrouded in trees, its damp, earth red stonework gradually being enwrapped in ivy, the towering buttresses of the Woodseaves Cutting could have been a gateway to a lost world; some vestige of a former civilization, some temple gate.
Which in a sense it was, the entrance to the long gone world of boat transport, of horses and carts, when the next town was an arduous walk away. But though it is just one Telford's many cuttings on the canal, this high sided, claustrophobically tight and tree enveloped corridor still feels a magical place.
We experienced it on a blazing hot summer's day (hard to think that two days back we were shivering inside our fleeces in the wind and rain!). Today we covered 13 miles and ten locks - Telford liked to stack his locks in flights and today we tackled two flights of five. Tonight we're at the top of tomorrow's much bigger challenge, the 15 lock descent down the Audlem Flight.
We also found a Lidl (in Market Drayton) and put an end to Vicky's week long withdrawal symptoms! Too far from the canal to bring home many bargains, though; just the essentials and some Yogosan – which despite sounding like some "lady's product" is an excellent yogurt. Isn't everything, says Vicky.

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