Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mission Accomplished!

All panels safely in place
Here's the dreaded blue glue

Last night I confessed I was a wimp. This morning I decided to be a have-a-go hero. I lay in bed, drinking my morning cuppa and thinking about the problem of glueing those veneer panels in place. (All the best thinking is done in bed - that's where you resolve the problems you woke up worrying about at 4 a.m.)
I decided it was worth a go. If I could glue a short board in place then why not a long one using the same principles? After endless dress rehearsals with an un-glued panel I 'went live' – and almost went catastrophically wrong. The spacer I had loosely gaffer taped in place to hold the top edge away from the wall got stuck half in and half out. The gaffer tape was stuck on the glue! Fortunately after much wriggling, pulling and cursing it came free and the panel went down fine.
The rest of the side was done by lunchtime. Fortified by a pork pie and a Mars bar, I then had the other side done before Man U had beaten Man City on Radio 5 Live. So there was still time to glue the bathroom cabin-side panel on before knocking off time.
And then head home to double sausage, double bacon, double eggs and beans for tea. From which dietary information you will have probably guessed that Starwoman is off on granny duties leaving me to eat Man Food.
Oh, and watch 'Action' DVDs. Like last night's Goodfellas!

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