Thursday, 3 February 2011

'Elf and safety gawn mahd!'

A gang* of BW workmen descended on the towpath at Streethay and a couple of hours later we had this very handsome new stout oak signpost warning anglers of the dangers of electric power lines and to always carry their rods, poles and perches horizontally.
Now if you can see a power line anywhere in any direction from here....
It would be easy to blame BW but I suppose it's all down to today's ell pervading fear of being sued by some halfwit who waves a 30ft long carbon fibre pole about like a flagpole right under a high voltage cable and then looks for someone to blame when he's fried with 11,000volts.
Rant over.

*When I say 'a gang' I mean five blokes. Yes FIVE people to dig a hole and plant a post!

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