Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Train strain

The internet is supposed to make things easier but the railways don't seem to have caught on.
Trying to find the cheapest train fare to get from Huddersfield to the general direction of Cambridgeshire all but wore my Macbook out. And deep fried my brain.
If your after saving money, all you want a train travel website to tell you is the days and times of the cheapest fares. That takes multiple clicking around every site AND you need to discover that (for example) Huddersfield to Peterborough will probably cost you more than buying Huddersfield to Leeds and Leeds to Peterborough tickets -- even though you're on the same train. Crazy!
But we got there and back cheaply in the end, the journeys were fine, the booked seats were booked and, above all the house was still where we left it.
And now we're back!

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