Friday, 11 September 2009

Leeds - city of flats

Boating through the centre of Leeds is an extraordinary experience. The whole place appears to be brand new. Of what was there before (and I have no idea what it was) nothing remains - it's like a lost civilisation.
The centre is now a series of extravagantly styled high rise blocks of flats. They look dramatic and exciting but there are just so many of them. Enough you'd think for virtually every inhabitant of Leeds to have one.
No wonder they've suffered some of the biggest nosedives in value in the recession. Didn't any of these developers stop to think that demand must surely be far exceeding supply?
Still at least lucky Leeds got its centre rebuilt before the recession - empty flats are better than half built ones.

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Bill Rodgers said...

Not to knit pick too much, but I think you meant "Supply exceeding demand."