Saturday, 31 March 2012


At last a visible sign of progress. Worktops in the galley and appliances in place. (Alright, I know it's just for the photo but all the same...)
I've cut a few wooden worktops before but the anxiety of sticking a circular saw into four hundred quid's worth of iroko never goes away. Fortunately all went well, though I have to say that iroko is an absolute b*gg*r to cut. It's not so bad across the grain, though it's very prone to chipping, but the poor old jigsaw really struggled trying to cut along the grain when doing the sink and hob holes. Even with brand new, ultra-sharp blades it barely moved without the added assistance of the 'pendulum' action – at which point it shuddered, leapt and hesitated like an old nag confronted by the Grand National fences.
But we did it and neither the sink nor the hob fell through the cut-outs which is something I always dread. Now all that remains is a run around with the router to clean up the edges and loads more coats of Danish Oil.
After which I suppose I'll have to think about connecting the water and gas so we can actually make use of all this new stuff.


Anonymous said...

Smart looking galley!

David Oakes said...

Anonymous might just say that....perhaps he has insider knowledge. But we agree very smart