Saturday, 14 January 2012

Organised chaos

Currently the floor of Harry looks like a sawdust factory. And it's also a health and safety officer's worst nightmare - trailing wires lying everywhere like a nest of vipers. Circular saw, jigsaw, router, chop saw, table saw. Let alone lights and vacuum cleaner making a feeble effort at dust extraction.
It's all in aid of the building of an under deck cupboard which will lie between the water tank and the head of the bed. In theory the cupboard ought not to be a tricky build. In practice of course it is. The sides curve both in and forwards, following the lines of the bow sides, the top slopes down either side and the floor slopes up. In other words, there's not a straight line or right angle anywhere. A typical bit of boat joinery in fact.
As a result I've had to build the front in five pieces - sides, base, top and centre panel. Miraculously it all fits in the space pretty well. There's an inner base floor above the water pipes and a centre divider to help hang the shelves.
So far it's taken about four days and generated around a ton of sawdust but tomorrow the doors will be finished and the job finished. Bar the painting - but's that something for the Painting Department to look forward to.

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of boat we once reviewed together....will not say which but all those wires and junction boxes are the clue. Has the cupboard build made up your mind about B& Q for the galley or are you going to do it from scratch?